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Karen Allen Height, Weight, Bra Size, Net Worth, Measurements




Karen Allen, originally Karen Jane Allen, is an American actress. She was born on October 5, 1951 in Carrollton, Illinois, United States. She attended school at George Washington University. Her first screen appearance as an actress happened in the year 1978 when she played the character Katy on the flick National Lampoon’s Animal House. 

She was cast on the film Lovey: A Circle of Children, Part II in the same year, acting as Elizabeth. She soon starred on A Small Circle of Friends, playing the role Jessica Bloom. In 1981, she was cast on Raiders of the Lost Ark as Marion Ravenwood. She then acted the role Mo Alexander on the motion picture Until September. She had other appearances on big screen such as her role portrayal on the film The Glass Menagerie which was aired in the year 1987. She remains successful in her career these days.


Age in 2016: 65
Date of Birth: October 5, 1951
Height: 5’7″ /170cm / 1.70m
Weight: 134 lbs / 61kg
Measurements: 32-25-32 in / 81-63.5-81 cm
Bra Size: 32B


Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Actress
Build: Slim

Star Sign


Net Worth

10,000,000.00 USD


Annually: 1,200,000.00 USD
Monthly: 100,000.00 USD
Weekly: 25,000.00 USD
Daily: 3,570.00 USD